These people have basically ruined my life.

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i just thought about how im going to see Fall Out Boy tomorrow (the moment i’ve been waiting for for like…8 years) and my heart’s beating so fast right now and i’m having trouble breathing like oh my god

tagged as: seriously like......;  im gonna cry;  i've only been an avid fan;  but shit. my 10 year old self is screaming her guts out right now;  and i'm listening to them on my iTunes;  AND IM GETTING AMJOR FEELS;  I'M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW;  AND MY FRIEND WHO'S COMING WITH ME ISN'T AS EXCITED AS ME;  ONLY BECAUSE SHE HASN'T KNOWN THEM FOR AS LONG AS I HAVE;  BUT STILL;  IM FUCKING SEEING FALL OUT BOY;  AND NOT ONLY THAT;  I GET TO SEE PARAMORE TOO;  IM NOT EVEN THAT MUCH INTO PARAMORE;  I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS TO GET FAMILIAR WITH THEM....;  a day in the life of jenn;  AAAAGGGGHHH;  

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    ahah thank you! it really will be the best show ever. no doubt about it :3
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    Awwwww :3 I hope it’s the best show and you have the time of your life ^.^
  3. spookinmywaybacktoyoubabe said: I had the chance to go see them with VIP tickets (side stage and all that) on the 8th but was too tired.